What Is Retrograde Ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is called because of violation of ejaculation process in which sperm is emitted in the opposite direction, bringing it into the bladder. Under normal circumstances, the semen discharged through the urethra to the outside. The main manifestation of this disease is the lack of separation of sperm through the urethra, and the other components of normal sexual intercourse – sexual desire and male orgasm is usually stored. In some cases, retrograde ejaculation does not lead to the complete absence, but significant reduction in the amount of ejected sperm – oligospermia, in which the volume of ejaculate is less than 1-2 ml.

Retrograde Ejaculation

What the Heck Is “Retrograde Ejaculation”?

In the case of casting of semen into the bladder after sexual intercourse man can notice that urine became turbid due to the presence therein of sperm components. In laboratory studies of urine there is sperm detected in her. Normally, an erection of the penis is accompanied by a reduction of the internal sphincter of the bladder and swelling of seed tubercle, which hinders both the process of urination and urine mixing with precipitated ejaculate. He is expelled through the urethra by reducing bulbospongiosus muscles. If the sphincter is relaxed, the semen will expire on the path of least resistance and enters the bladder.

What Are the Causes?

The cause of retrograde ejaculation is a surgical operation in the field of the urethra, the bladder neck and prostate, as well as neurological diseases, accompanied by damage to the lumbosacral spine. The negative impact on the work of the sphincter of the bladder has neuropathy, which developed on the base of diabetes mellitus. Its contribution to the development of abnormal ejaculation make a vascular pathology of the pelvic organs, hemorrhoids, and prostatitis transferred congenital malformations of vas deferens, which they are opened into the bladder or ureters in.

Roles in the occurrence of diseases hormonal and organic disorders can play that accompany male menopause, and taking certain medications, including psychotropic and lowering blood pressure. Diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation involves urinalysis. During microscopic studies is revealed sperm pellet, moreover, it can be detected chemical substances included in the seminal fluid. It should be noted that the presence of sperm in the urine is completely harmless and poses no danger to health.

Analyses And Diagnostics

Material for analysis was collected immediately after sexual intercourse or other method of sexual gratification of men who should normally be accompanied by ejaculation. The most serious negative consequence becomes retrograde ejaculation, male infertility, so if a man is planning in the future to become a father, it is necessarily in need of treatment. The main condition for the effective treatment of this disease is to detect and eliminate its causes.

To normalize the ejaculation process doctor use different methods of stimulation of the prostate gland, reflexology, and physiotherapy. In addition, there is the implementation of the practice of sexual intercourse with a full bladder, because in this state, the flap is closed as much as possible. Cancel of the drug that had negative effect, in most cases it leads to the recovery, if the cause of retrograde ejaculation was surgery, then it is weakly amenable to therapy. In a situation where the treatment is not effective enough, to produce offspring through artificial insemination doctors spend the fence sperm from postcoital urine.