The reasons of erectile dysfunction

The reasons of erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is the men inability to perform to a full-scale sexual act. In normal genital function coitus supposes a strong venereal desire or libido or sexual caresses. Here the erection appears, and when the penis is entering it makes a frictions and as a result ejaculation and orgasm comes. The absence of such important components mean, that it will be impossible to conduct a sexual intercourse and, in other words, here appears an erectile dysfunction of ejaculation.

The general causes

As you know, the loss of the sexual power isn’t an independent disease. It appears in a concurrent condition. Impotency can be caused by endocrine pathologies, such as hypogenitalism and diabetes. Also it can be caused by the urological conditions and by brain cortex injuries. In these cases, the erectile dysfunction has an organic origin. The main symptoms of the organic impotency can be named, as:

  • Gradual development of condition.
  • Absence of spontaneous erections.
  • Ejaculation and libido in a normal stage.
  • Systematic disorders of erection.

A lot of specialists think, that impotence can be connected with neurophysic disorders. Neurosis and neuroticism can be the causes of different diseases and of depression. That is a psychogenic erectile disorder. Sexual frustration can be manifested as a side effect of medicine. And it is taking like antihypertensive and mind-altering drugs, anticancer medicine. The symptoms of psychogenic impotency can be described by such way:

  • Sudden onset of the disease.
  • Problems with impersonal and private relationships.
  • Presence of spontaneous erections at night.
  • Erection problems with sporadic character,
  • The recovery of erectile function as the result of exogenous reason.

A lot of man suffers from an erectile disorder, so they try to understand what are the conditions with external factors and hide the presence of such a problem. Despite the fact, that among the 95% occurrences are successfully cured with the most effective medication. Only 10% of man come to a doctor for consultation. Remember, that the sexual partner must help you to overcome the psychological barrier by using efficient methods of treatment, which provides a professional doctor.

Nowadays you will have no problem to take a consultation online or to visit anonymous hotlines. Here you can get an answer to any question that you need. A lot of questions, connected with this delicate problem, appear here, so you will get all the information you need.

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Cialis is a medical preparation, that is produced in the USA by the general aim – to treat the erectile dysfunction and to bring an ability of maintaining erection and to have a full sexual contact. The class of pharmacological is PDE-5 inhibitor. The active agent is Tadalfil. Such substance will lead to a provokes the relaxation of the arterial muscles and the supply of penile tissues, which cause an erection. Tadalfil cannot act without the sexual excitement.

The drug has an improving act on erection and it give a chance to have regular sexual intercourse. The action appears in 15-20 minutes and it can last to 36 hours. Such advantage is the reason, why the ordering of cialis online in UK at is a good idea.

After the intake of the medicine, Tadalfil is absorbed very quickly. The medication can be compatible with alcohol and fat meals. The best dose is 20 mg (or a pill) for one day.

As for Cialis we can say that here aren’t any contradiction, so it can be taken by the patients with renal insufficiency, diabetes and liver disorders.

The main positive sides of Cialis:

  • Quick action and fast erection recovery.
  • Suitable for a long-term course and have no tolerance.
  • The normalization of the blood circulation and promotion of testosterone production.

Kamagra jelly is some kind of medication from India, that is used as a treatment of erectile dysfunction. It can be presented in jelly sachets. This form of drugs helps the active agent by the name of Sildenafil to dissolve and absorb into a blood quickly. That’s why its act will be noticeable in 10 minutes of time.

The medicine has the relaxed action on the penis muscles and it widen a blood vessels and enhances the circulation by provoking lasting and quality erection. The duration effect can take 6 hours. One sachet has a 100 mg of Sildenafil – that is a maximum dose, that mustn`t be exceeded. If necessary, it can be reduced.

The contradictions are: individual tolerance, nitrogen oxide donators and nitrate drugs taking. As for the side-effect, it can be occasional and will show a headache, stiffness and sickness.