Osteochondrosis prevention

Spinal diseases of non-inflammatory nature are usually called osteochondrosis. This condition is often associated with salts deposition, which isn`t entirely true.

Osteochondrosis is pathological process in spine joints and ligaments, as well as in intervertebral discs, which appear with age. They lead to chronic pain formation, patient’s posture is disturbed and there are problems with back mobility. Such changes are irreversible, but in all patients they can develop at different rates. Treatment extent and complexity of osteochondrosis is determined by pathology neglect.

What causes osteochondrosis?

No one can name exact reasons for this pathology formation, but experts say, that several risk factors can be identified, that may lead to earlier spinal damage signs, as well as aggravate these negative phenomena.

Firstly, among risk factors obesity should be mentioned. Extra pounds lead to mechanical load increasing on entire spine, which means that intervertebral discs are destroyed rapidly.

Secondly, to blame sedentary lifestyle. Minimum movements, as well as long stay in one position, negatively affect this body part and impair blood circulation in some spine segments.

Thirdly, excessive exercise, most importantly, non-compliance with exercise technique can also provoke spinal microtraumas occurrence.

Fourthly, you need to mention wrong diet. If person is fascinated by variety of diets or he has problems associated with zinc, calcium and vitamins lack, then this can also cause spine dysfunction.

Fifth, one can`t forget about bad habits. Cigarettes and alcohol adversely affect metabolism. This causes bone tissue destruction, which also affects spine.

How is osteochondrosis manifested?

You always want to change your position, and in spine you can identify “hard” places. Almost always there is pain (different parts of spine and even limbs may suffer), it is difficult for patient to straighten up normally, he wants to sit only in certain position, in which there is no intense pain.

You can also feel, that muscles in lumbar region or neck are constantly tense. In addition, person complains of dizziness and headaches. Also, syndrome of “morning stiffness” can take place.

Preventive actions

The following information will help you to prevent osteochondrosis:

  • First of all, you need to monitor how you sit. Spine should be straight, shoulders relaxed. Chair should support spine and allow you to sit deep and evenly distribute load.
  • Do physical exercises during work, don`t forget to relieve tension from your spine.
  • Remember that you can`t lift weights with jerk or carry them in front of you with waist bending forward.
  • Follow exercise technique during sports.
  • Running and jumping should be practiced on special elastic coating, choose sports shoes with good shock absorption.
  • Sleep mattress should be even and firm, it is important to use good orthopedic pillow.
  • Never contact traditional healers who are engaged in spine treatment without appropriate education for this.
  • The best load and at the same time rest for back is swimming. And, most importantly, don`t over tighten with visit to doctor, if you feel back pain or any of above symptoms.
  • The sooner you begin to correct pathological condition, the better and healthy you will become.