Natural Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

medical treatment for erectile dysfunctionWhen a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he is ready to do anything to get rid of this condition. If they tell him to eat some roots or herbs, he’ll do it. But will it be helpful? Of course, you can say: why should one take unknown products, when everybody can buy Viagra or cialis online at or at local pharmacy and enjoy the result. Moreover, there is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor priligy, increasing the time necessary for ejaculation. The choice is wide and available. Of course, all such medications have side effects and contra indications but still they are introduced by the world known pharmacy companies. They are tested and safe but they do not treat the sexual disorder but solve the problem right then and there providing with steady erection during the action period. Do you think those natural cures remove the cause of ED? Let’s find out together!

Professional opinion

The specialists say that a natural medical treatment for erectile dysfunction may have a placebo effect. If there are no serious diseases and the reason for impotence is connected with stress or anxiety, sometimes it is enough to believe in the result. So taking natural pills it is important not to do harm because little studies have been done on most herbal remedies offered at the market so a consumer have no enough information of their composition and principle of action.

Among those strange products there are some true natural alternatives to regulated ED medicines. They usually provide with less effect and should be discussed with a doctor before starting intake. Moreover some of the natural drugs can build up sexual health over time.

Natural remedies

We are going to list the most popular kinds of natural treatment of erectile dysfunction but a patient should remember that each of them has a set of pros and cons and consider them taking into account the peculiarities of his own health.

  • Arginine can be delivered to human body with food. It relaxes blood vessels and thus boosts blood circulation. Due to its short period of action it should be taken in a large dose and frequently – this is not good.
  • DHEA is the hormone converted into testosterone providing with a sexual response but it does not treat impotency caused by other reasons.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is the herbal remedy in the form of extracts that really can increase blood flow. It’s widely used in medicine to cure other diseases like brain problems and not only for sexual disorder.
  • Ginseng is a proved folk remedy but the researchers do not know how it works. If it does not frighten you, Ginseng may be used, though, still it is less effective compared to Viagra.
  • Pomegranate juice or extract is full of nutrients and causes the expansion of arteries increasing the blood circulations but the physicians do not prove its efficiency for erectile dysfunction. Though it is good for overall health benefits.
  • The so-called “golden root” is a plant used as herbal remedy intended for boosting of endurance and sexual function. It can be taken as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction treatment.

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