Influence Of The Bicycle On The Potency

There is a lot of debate about the influence of the bike on the potency. It all started in 1998, when the results of research on this topic were published in the press. Since then, the opinion of people who have something to do with biking divided into three camps: the first claim that cycling is bad for potency, others say that it is good, third, hold the view that cycling does not affect the potency. Let’s try to consider each point of view separately.

Opinion 1 – Riding a bike has a negative effect on the potency

In 1998, Boston University conducted a study on male cyclists, who showed that prolonged sitting on a bicycle saddle violates blood circulation to the reproductive organs, which negatively affects the potency. Numbness may be observed on especially long rides. As it turned out, this was not news for professional cyclists who noted short-term numbness. This is due to the long circulation of blood into the genitals, when the saddle pinches an artery through which there is blood flow into the genitals. Usually after cessation of blood pressure on the artery after a while, the blood flow is restored to its full extent. But at very long and systemic pressure on the artery, it may not recover in full. Another danger to potency are genital injuries about bicycle frames, although this is quite rare. As noted by researchers, problems of poor circulation during prolonged cycling can be avoided by using a special orthopedic bicycle saddle.

By the way, not only a bicycle saddle can be a threat to men’s sexual health – a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for men by weakening sexual health. As a prevention of complications, bicycle saddles were developed specifically for men who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Opinion 2 – Riding a bike is good for potency

Although the conducted research has undeniable evidence, it is an absolutely unproven fact that all professional cyclists have sexual problems. But it is known that such people have a trained body, strong and enduring leg muscles, healthy cardiovascular system, and other qualities of a professional cyclist. A healthy cardiovascular system has a positive effect on all body systems, including the potency, so there is every reason to believe that cycling improves potency and men’s health.

Opinion 3 – Riding a bike does not affect the potency in any way

This is most likely the case with men who have not noticed any shift from using a bike to strengthening or weakening potency.

Bike and Potency Compatibility

Bike lovers should not give up their hobbies, as there are no serious reasons to worry about their sexual health. If everything was so bad and prolonged sitting on a bicycle saddle had a devastating effect on the potential, then it is unlikely that cycling would still be predominantly a male sport, as not every man would sacrifice his sexual health for the sake of sports results. And for those who still worry about it, you can advise to buy a special orthopedic bicycle saddle.