Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of genitourinary system

Male genitourinary system includes both external and internal organs. First are penis, scrotum. The latter include kidneys, bladder, urethra, prostate gland, vas deferens, etc. Male urogenital system is most susceptible to infectious diseases, including because of urethra length.

Risk factors include stress, lack of personal hygiene, hypothermia, anal sex, infections and genital trauma. Infectious process can often occur in latent (asymptomatic) form, so at first signs of disease you should consult urologist.

Symptoms of inflammatory process are:

  • Painful and frequent urination.
  • High fever, chills.
  • Discharge from urethra.
  • Pain in genitals, perineum, lower back.
  • Blood in urine.
  • Violation of erection and ejaculation.
  • Appearance on external genitalia rash, plaque.

Types of inflammatory diseases of genitourinary system

Among most common diseases of genitourinary system in men, we can mention the following:

  • Urethritis (inflammation of urethra). Due to peculiarities of male anatomy, reproductive function may be affected in such inflammatory diseases. Urethritis is associated with infection in urethra. For example, due to non-compliance with intimate hygiene, during unprotected intercourse, at least – as a result of bacteria introduction.
  • Prostatitis (inflammation of prostate gland). Prostatitis occurs due to deterioration of blood supply to prostate gland, stagnation of so-called “secret” in its ducts. It can cause: unhealthy lifestyle, failure in hormonal system, promiscuous sex, wearing tight linen, stress.
  • Cystitis (inflammation of bladder). Development of cystitis contribute to factors that cause irritation of mucous membrane of bladder. It is usually associated with hypothermia and infection penetration from urethra. Cystitis is divided into acute and chronic. Acute cystitis is characterized by frequent urination, pain and heaviness in lower abdomen. Urine has cloudy color. Chronic cystitis is often interrelated with other diseases of urogenital system (adenoma, urolithiasis, etc.). Signs of chronic cystitis largely duplicate acute symptoms.
  • Pyelonephritis is an infection of cavity (renal pelvis) into which urine excreted urine is collected. One of most dangerous diseases of genitourinary system.

Infection of genitourinary system tends to “rise” (spread to other organs) with incorrectly chosen methods of treatment or its absence. Starting with urethritis, it penetrates bladder. It causes diseases such as: cystitis, prostate, prostatitis. Further along ureters, infection enters renal pelvis, thereby provoking pyelonephritis.

Treatment of inflammatory diseases of urogenital system

Diagnosis of urogenital system includes standard urine and blood tests. And, also ultrasound of bladder. Perhaps appointment of cystoscopy and other urological studies. Modern clinic guarantees comprehensive and modern approach to treatment of urological diseases in men. Doctor will individually select you drugs for treatment based on results of diagnosis.