Spinal Deformity

Spinal deformity – causes of occurrence, in which diseases occurs, diagnosis and methods of treatment. Normally, human spine performs simultaneously support, motor and depreciation functions. It has slight physiological bends in anteroposterior direction (lordosis and kyphosis), which protect spinal column from injury during weight transfer, various exercises, and even while maintaining body in certain position during movement.


What is premature ejaculation?

Rapid ejaculation is most common type of sexual dysfunction, which affects men younger than 40 years. According to majority of doctors dealing with this problem, premature ejaculation is condition in which ejaculation occurs before it`s desired by both sexual partners. This definition allows you to avoid clear time frame, how long sexual intercourse should last, giving you opportunity to consider time of ejaculation as individual feature.


Osteochondrosis prevention

Spinal diseases of non-inflammatory nature are usually called osteochondrosis. This condition is often associated with salts deposition, which isn`t entirely true.

Osteochondrosis is pathological process in spine joints and ligaments, as well as in intervertebral discs, which appear with age. They lead to chronic pain formation, patient’s posture is disturbed and there are problems with back mobility. Such changes are irreversible, but in all patients they can develop at different rates. Treatment extent and complexity of osteochondrosis is determined by pathology neglect.