The Main Thing About Osteochondrosis

The Main Thing About Osteochondrosis

Many of the adult people experience back pain, so the question of how and where to treat osteochondrosis and other spinal diseases occurs often. The specialist who has higher medical education will help to get rid of pains and make life comfortable and full-fledged.

Causes of Back pain

The spine is a support that is formed in the womb of the mother and serves until the death of the skeleton of the whole body. Thanks to the spine, each person can be in an upright position. Pain or discomfort can be the first “bell” of trouble. (more…)

What Is Retrograde Ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is called because of violation of ejaculation process in which sperm is emitted in the opposite direction, bringing it into the bladder. Under normal circumstances, the semen discharged through the urethra to the outside. The main manifestation of this disease is the lack of separation of sperm through the urethra, and the other components of normal sexual intercourse – sexual desire and male orgasm is usually stored. In some cases, retrograde ejaculation does not lead to the complete absence, but significant reduction in the amount of ejected sperm – oligospermia, in which the volume of ejaculate is less than 1-2 ml.