The reasons of erectile dysfunction

The reasons of erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is the men inability to perform to a full-scale sexual act. In normal genital function coitus supposes a strong venereal desire or libido or sexual caresses. Here the erection appears, and when the penis is entering it makes a frictions and as a result ejaculation and orgasm comes. The absence of such important components mean, that it will be impossible to conduct a sexual intercourse and, in other words, here appears an erectile dysfunction of ejaculation.

The general causes

As you know, the loss of the sexual power isn’t an independent disease. It appears in a concurrent condition. Impotency can be caused by endocrine pathologies, such as hypogenitalism and diabetes. Also it can be caused by the urological conditions and by brain cortex injuries. In these cases, the erectile dysfunction has an organic origin. The main symptoms of the organic impotency can be named, as:

  • Gradual development of condition.
  • Absence of spontaneous erections.
  • Ejaculation and libido in a normal stage.
  • Systematic disorders of erection.

A lot of specialists think, that impotence can be connected with neurophysic disorders. Neurosis and neuroticism can be the causes of different diseases and of depression. That is a psychogenic erectile disorder. Sexual frustration can be manifested as a side effect of medicine. And it is taking like antihypertensive and mind-altering drugs, anticancer medicine. The symptoms of psychogenic impotency can be described by such way:

  • Sudden onset of the disease.
  • Problems with impersonal and private relationships.
  • Presence of spontaneous erections at night.
  • Erection problems with sporadic character,
  • The recovery of erectile function as the result of exogenous reason.

A lot of man suffers from an erectile disorder, so they try to understand what are the conditions with external factors and hide the presence of such a problem. Despite the fact, that among the 95% occurrences are successfully cured with the most effective medication. Only 10% of man come to a doctor for consultation. Remember, that the sexual partner must help you to overcome the psychological barrier by using efficient methods of treatment, which provides a professional doctor.

Nowadays you will have no problem to take a consultation online or to visit anonymous hotlines. Here you can get an answer to any question that you need. A lot of questions, connected with this delicate problem, appear here, so you will get all the information you need.

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Cialis is a medical preparation, that is produced in the USA by the general aim – to treat the erectile dysfunction and to bring an ability of maintaining erection and to have a full sexual contact. The class of pharmacological is PDE-5 inhibitor. The active agent is Tadalfil. Such substance will lead to a provokes the relaxation of the arterial muscles and the supply of penile tissues, which cause an erection. Tadalfil cannot act without the sexual excitement.

The drug has an improving act on erection and it give a chance to have regular sexual intercourse. The action appears in 15-20 minutes and it can last to 36 hours. Such advantage is the reason, why the ordering of cialis online in UK at is a good idea.

After the intake of the medicine, Tadalfil is absorbed very quickly. The medication can be compatible with alcohol and fat meals. The best dose is 20 mg (or a pill) for one day.

As for Cialis we can say that here aren’t any contradiction, so it can be taken by the patients with renal insufficiency, diabetes and liver disorders.

The main positive sides of Cialis:

  • Quick action and fast erection recovery.
  • Suitable for a long-term course and have no tolerance.
  • The normalization of the blood circulation and promotion of testosterone production.

Kamagra jelly is some kind of medication from India, that is used as a treatment of erectile dysfunction. It can be presented in jelly sachets. This form of drugs helps the active agent by the name of Sildenafil to dissolve and absorb into a blood quickly. That’s why its act will be noticeable in 10 minutes of time.

The medicine has the relaxed action on the penis muscles and it widen a blood vessels and enhances the circulation by provoking lasting and quality erection. The duration effect can take 6 hours. One sachet has a 100 mg of Sildenafil – that is a maximum dose, that mustn`t be exceeded. If necessary, it can be reduced.

The contradictions are: individual tolerance, nitrogen oxide donators and nitrate drugs taking. As for the side-effect, it can be occasional and will show a headache, stiffness and sickness.

Natural Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

medical treatment for erectile dysfunctionWhen a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he is ready to do anything to get rid of this condition. If they tell him to eat some roots or herbs, he’ll do it. But will it be helpful? Of course, you can say: why should one take unknown products, when everybody can buy Viagra or cialis online at or at local pharmacy and enjoy the result. Moreover, there is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor priligy, increasing the time necessary for ejaculation. The choice is wide and available. Of course, all such medications have side effects and contra indications but still they are introduced by the world known pharmacy companies. They are tested and safe but they do not treat the sexual disorder but solve the problem right then and there providing with steady erection during the action period. Do you think those natural cures remove the cause of ED? Let’s find out together!

Professional opinion

The specialists say that a natural medical treatment for erectile dysfunction may have a placebo effect. If there are no serious diseases and the reason for impotence is connected with stress or anxiety, sometimes it is enough to believe in the result. So taking natural pills it is important not to do harm because little studies have been done on most herbal remedies offered at the market so a consumer have no enough information of their composition and principle of action.

Among those strange products there are some true natural alternatives to regulated ED medicines. They usually provide with less effect and should be discussed with a doctor before starting intake. Moreover some of the natural drugs can build up sexual health over time.

Natural remedies

We are going to list the most popular kinds of natural treatment of erectile dysfunction but a patient should remember that each of them has a set of pros and cons and consider them taking into account the peculiarities of his own health.

  • Arginine can be delivered to human body with food. It relaxes blood vessels and thus boosts blood circulation. Due to its short period of action it should be taken in a large dose and frequently – this is not good.
  • DHEA is the hormone converted into testosterone providing with a sexual response but it does not treat impotency caused by other reasons.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is the herbal remedy in the form of extracts that really can increase blood flow. It’s widely used in medicine to cure other diseases like brain problems and not only for sexual disorder.
  • Ginseng is a proved folk remedy but the researchers do not know how it works. If it does not frighten you, Ginseng may be used, though, still it is less effective compared to Viagra.
  • Pomegranate juice or extract is full of nutrients and causes the expansion of arteries increasing the blood circulations but the physicians do not prove its efficiency for erectile dysfunction. Though it is good for overall health benefits.
  • The so-called “golden root” is a plant used as herbal remedy intended for boosting of endurance and sexual function. It can be taken as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction treatment.

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Influence Of The Bicycle On The Potency

Influence Of The Bicycle On The Potency

There is a lot of debate about the influence of the bike on the potency. It all started in 1998, when the results of research on this topic were published in the press. Since then, the opinion of people who have something to do with biking divided into three camps: the first claim that cycling is bad for potency, others say that it is good, third, hold the view that cycling does not affect the potency. Let’s try to consider each point of view separately.


Vitamins For The Immunity Of Men

Vitamins For The Immunity Of Men

The immune system is a line of defense that protects us from being exposed to anything that it indexes as alien. In some cases, the cells in our body that have lost their “own” status due to certain changes and need to be disposed of are “alien”. The immune system works all the time and never stops. Our life activity is completely dependent on immunity, and if there are failures in its functioning, it leads to the development of diseases, and in severe cases leads to death. In the light of all the above, it is absolutely clear that human health depends on the work of the immune system.


Spinal Deformity

Spinal deformity – causes of occurrence, in which diseases occurs, diagnosis and methods of treatment. Normally, human spine performs simultaneously support, motor and depreciation functions. It has slight physiological bends in anteroposterior direction (lordosis and kyphosis), which protect spinal column from injury during weight transfer, various exercises, and even while maintaining body in certain position during movement.


What is premature ejaculation?

Rapid ejaculation is most common type of sexual dysfunction, which affects men younger than 40 years. According to majority of doctors dealing with this problem, premature ejaculation is condition in which ejaculation occurs before it`s desired by both sexual partners. This definition allows you to avoid clear time frame, how long sexual intercourse should last, giving you opportunity to consider time of ejaculation as individual feature.


Osteochondrosis prevention

Spinal diseases of non-inflammatory nature are usually called osteochondrosis. This condition is often associated with salts deposition, which isn`t entirely true.

Osteochondrosis is pathological process in spine joints and ligaments, as well as in intervertebral discs, which appear with age. They lead to chronic pain formation, patient’s posture is disturbed and there are problems with back mobility. Such changes are irreversible, but in all patients they can develop at different rates. Treatment extent and complexity of osteochondrosis is determined by pathology neglect.


The Main Thing About Osteochondrosis

The Main Thing About Osteochondrosis

Many of the adult people experience back pain, so the question of how and where to treat osteochondrosis and other spinal diseases occurs often. The specialist who has higher medical education will help to get rid of pains and make life comfortable and full-fledged.

Causes of Back pain

The spine is a support that is formed in the womb of the mother and serves until the death of the skeleton of the whole body. Thanks to the spine, each person can be in an upright position. Pain or discomfort can be the first “bell” of trouble. (more…)

What Is Retrograde Ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is called because of violation of ejaculation process in which sperm is emitted in the opposite direction, bringing it into the bladder. Under normal circumstances, the semen discharged through the urethra to the outside. The main manifestation of this disease is the lack of separation of sperm through the urethra, and the other components of normal sexual intercourse – sexual desire and male orgasm is usually stored. In some cases, retrograde ejaculation does not lead to the complete absence, but significant reduction in the amount of ejected sperm – oligospermia, in which the volume of ejaculate is less than 1-2 ml.